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The Way

by Mary Haynes about a year ago in love poems
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Finding Ourselves

The Way
Photo by Lucy Nogueira on Unsplash

You chose to lead, natural I suppose

Without thinking, I followed you

Into the water, warm and calm at first

But the winds came, disturbing the glassy surface

Waves crested, then slammed

I scraped along the bottom, eyes stinging from the brine

My lungs and heart ready to burst

Until I found my footing

I lead you then, into the jungle

Moving fast, through a veil of mist

Sweet and pungent scents enveloped

But darkness fell

You tired of tripping through shadowy undergrowth

A thorn pierced your cheek; blood ran like a tear to the earth

A snake entwined your neck like a noose

You ripped it free and ran

The sea would not quiet, the jungle remained a shroud

We emerged naked and shaking, face to face

Where the sea meets the jungle

The strip is narrow and rocky, but if we navigate this thin terrain

Your feet splashing in high tide, vines caressing my hair

Maybe we can straddle this path

Until we reach the point, where it dwindles to nothingness,

Or opens to space yet not explored

love poems

About the author

Mary Haynes

Mary Haynes splits her time between a romantic old sailboat in tropical waters and a beach home in Ontario. A wanderer, by fate, she embraces wherever she roams! Mary recently completed her first children’s book, “Who Ate My Peppers?”

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