The Walking Word

Dwelling Among Them

The Walking Word

My life is here today, but could be gone tomorrow,

this is why I want to make it count, living as if tomorrow doesn't exist.

To me all that matters are the souls that walk to and fro,

around the globe of confusion, so few knowing the truth of it all.

All the while I'll be praying for the kind of peace that ignites wars flame,

spiritual wars all around, taking some to the vary ground!

It's all a little nuts when you take a moment to think,

about how many people there are just hanging, dangling on the brink.

Put a glimmering light in their eyes that kicks the darkness out of their sight,

I'll be praying and preaching with all I've got, with all my might.

Rowan Finley
Rowan Finley
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Rowan Finley

Husband. Father. Musician. Artist. Writer. I hope that what I write will inspire others in the best of ways. I like to be obvious and mysterious and simply complex in the most surprising and intriguing of ways.

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