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The Visit

by N. Thomas 9 months ago in love poems
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August 2021

The Visit
Photo by Leonardo Yip on Unsplash

I can see us leaning on each other, walking step-by-step, hand-in-hand,

working together to build a life

Because deep down I know I want to be loved, to be wanted,

and ultimately to be someone's wife

There are times it's all I can do not to tell you how much I love you,

just want to stay by your side for always

Just want to tell you about so many dreams I have about all the things

we could do together to pass the days

When we're together I can imagine all the conversations we could have,

adventures we could share

But the other 95% of the time you're dismissive and ignore me

and don't even slightly seem to care

I can move on when I keep blowing off guys because I'm hung up

on someone who don't even usually want me around

And while I'm busy with all these daydreams, you're planning a life

in which I'm nowhere to be found

For a while there was a balance that was worth the good times,

but now it's doing too much harm

So I'm going up for closure, for one last weekend together,

for one last night in your arms

I know there's a chance it will only hurt more because with every visit

I usually fall more for you

But I don't want it to end how we left it last time

after everything we've been through

Some people don't have the benefit of knowing,

they're blindsided and don't get to say goodbye

So should I be thankful that I know it's coming

and just smile through all these tears I cry?

I still laugh when I remember our first kiss,

and it's hard knowing this will be the last

I thought we could have a future together,

but now I have to somehow put you in my past

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