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The Unseen Beauty

A Tribute to the Rare Rose

By Bernad SiagianPublished 8 months ago 1 min read
Image Source by: Diego PH

Amidst the gardens, fields, and beds,

A rose so rare, with petals red.

Its fragrance sweet, its beauty bright,

A rare delight, a stunning sight.

Its thorns so sharp, a warning sign,

A symbol strong, of love divine.

Its delicate bloom, a fragile grace,

A sight so rare, in this world's space.

It stands so tall, with head held high,

Its petals spread, against the sky.

A symbol of love, a symbol of peace,

A rare gem, with beauty and lease.

So hold this rose, with gentle care,

For it's a treasure, rare and fair.

In this world, so full of strife,

This rose so rare, brings new life.

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About the Creator

Bernad Siagian

I am a graphic designer and administrator in an agriculture-related office. Also, I'm pretty good at making or editing videos. I am currently studying data science in programming.

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