The Unknown Within

A story of The World

The Unknown Within

The Unknown Within Us...

We all choose to see the beauty of the world around us? Ignore the wars, chaos, and bloodshed.


Is it because we are in denial?

Is it because we are blinded by the Light?

Is it because we are blinded by the blood and tears?

Or is it something else entirely?


Even when the world is tearing itself apart.

Even when Technology slowly steals away our own Humanity?

Why do we choose to see the Good within the world?

Because of Hope!

We reach out, with outstretched hands, trying to grasp the simplicity of Innocence, of Sinless Purity, of the lack of Strife within the meaning of Peace.

I wonder...

Do we still know those meanings? As the world slowly ends around us.U

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Life's Perceptual Poetry
Life's Perceptual Poetry
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