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The Unfamiliar

By Maha KadafourPublished 4 months ago 1 min read
The Unfamiliar
Photo by Ugne Vasyliute on Unsplash

The incessant voices tell you 10,000 things

Speaking at once, cocooning you in metal strings

Shutting out the light as they wrap away,

Warping your colors to black and shades of gray.

Trapping and keeping you at bay,

To not venture down the unfamiliar way.

They all have an opinion to share,

That pulls you down a rabbit hole of despair.

They shout out all of your shortcomings and flaws,

Constantly piercing you without a minute of pause.

They say: Why must you seek the unknown?

You've been burned enough, haven't you grown?

Look at all your half-built homes lying in shambles,

It's time to stop, no more destructive gambles.

A quieter voice suddenly speaks,

Void of the chaotic trills and the shirking shrieks.

It's different from the others, poignant and round,

Comforting, encouraging, sensibly profound.

And every day, you listen to its deep, resonant sound,

And every day, you notice how the other voices drowned,

In its calm and stillness, its courage and trust.

It says: To the unfamiliar you go, and go you must.


About the Creator

Maha Kadafour

Writing is the expression of my heart.

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  • Jamie LeFebvre Hakeem4 months ago

    Sounds like you have been on quite a spiritual journey! I love it

  • Kara Sharp4 months ago

    Beautiful, Maha <3 the comfort of our inner wisdom is endless if we let it

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