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The Truth of Life...

by Serenity Stout 2 years ago in performance poetry
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By: Serenity Stout

Please Don't Have Life Pass You By Over Someone Who Was Never Worth Your Time!





What wonderful things can be.

Doors open up like a bright entrance,

But in reality it can be as black as the eye can see.

Most of us are all dark inside like a room with no light,

But there are those who shine like the sun in the morning.

Everyone wishes to be them because they make others happy,

In reality they are not the happy ones they are the sad ones.

Sadness eats us all from the inside out but more for some.

Darkness shuts us out from the ones we love,

We hurt them and we never know why.

It’s as though our heart dances with the devil at times.

No one can see inside through the gates,

There is too much stuff blocking it.

Too much smoke.

Too much fire.

Too much pain.

The pain.

The fire.

The smoke.

The heartbreak.

The everlasting handprint of sadness inside of you.

The everlasting dance with the devil.

The everlasting despair your heart dwells in.

The everlasting circle of love, lust, trust and vengeance.

performance poetry

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Serenity Stout

Catchn’ Good Vibes

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