The Triforce is Real

A poem about Zelda and the Triforce

The Triforce is Real
Triforce From Zelda Ocarina of Time

When will they see the Triforce is real? Can't you see feel it's power in this realm?

Of course some rather deny, than embrace it's power and fly beyond the skies.

But he who tries to to use the power of the Trifoce for evil will never succeed. For the Triforce must only be used for good deeds.

Majestic powers of the Gods created it. golden triangles floating in the sands of time. Wisdom, Courage and Power.

Now feel the magical energy shower down from the heavens.

How long the Triforce has been sleeping but will it ever be awakened again? I write this mystic story with the magical pen found by the Fairy’s Fountain.

Of course I also desire the Triforce in my hands, to rule this world was my secret plan.

But who will really worthy to hold the Triforce in their hand?

It’s takes mystical knowledge to understand it’s power hidden in a shadows of mystery.

Maybe it shall be you one day who finds the Triforce and changes the world forever.

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