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the tree

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By River JoyPublished 3 months ago 1 min read

find me

underneath my tree

the crooked one

that's been righting itself for years

i'll be there

gravel sticking in my knees

since of course this tree lives in the sidewalk

tell me

this is too big

too big for one person

that this gravel in my knees

and my love for this crooked tree

will hurt less tomorrow

that kneeling here

will somehow change it's-my path

beg me

to tell you my secret

my long term plan as it were

to dig the gravel out of my knees

now, without shoes

understand, it's a dangerous world

for a heart like mine

nature poetrysad poetry

About the Creator

River Joy

I make things with paint and words and light. I was once described as an asshole with Mr. Rodgers vibes.

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  • Em Starrrrr2 months ago

    Another beautiful poem, River. You paint such a vivid picture with your words.

  • Talia Devora3 months ago

    You are such a talented poet. I love this poem very much. Keep going!

  • Aphotic3 months ago

    You have a way with words, beautiful poem.

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