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The Tiger of Lions

by J.B. Miller 4 months ago in inspirational

Prey and Predator

The Tiger of Lions
Photo by Frida Bredesen on Unsplash

The Tiger of Lions


Brandy Miller

It flows, life.

A never-ending cycle.

Birth, death, and strife.

Over and over again.

The same for all,

For both noble and common men.

Break free from this mould of servitude.

All of us, nothing more than creatures of repetition.

We are no different than beasts in fields; subdued.

Truth; The predators of the forest abash us.

We are but prey.

Herd animals that hide in the masses.

Few become cleverer,

Forged of steel; to rise above.

Those that turn from prey to predator.

Ripping themselves from the womb of society.

Oh, to be free!

To be outside that all-controlling deity.

Your own thoughts arisen!

No herd mentality,

No forced inhibitions.

Hunting, protecting, emerging a titan.

A wolf amongst sheep.

The tiger of lions.

Oh, to be free!

Running against the wind while fighting against the tide,

How alive they must be!

Wake up, get up, work, eat, sleep, repeat.

The life of cattle.

Chew your cud, reproduce, die. Job complete.

Don’t bow down.

Be fierce, be proud,

Fight! Take that final mound.

Hunted and hunter,

Adored and loathed,

Lacked and lustred.

The dichotomies of the different.

No matter what is done

We are all, aberrant.


J.B. Miller

Wife, Mother, student, writer and so much more. Life is my passion, writing is my addiction. You can find me on Linkedin at https://www.linkedin.com/in/brandy28655/

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J.B. Miller
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