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The Things I Love You More Than

by Mallory Kane 3 years ago in love poems
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A List of Happy


Half-melted vanilla ice cream


In Rainbow Sprinkles

Off a waffle cone

Underneath the canopy

Of a Universal Studios stroller

Lying still

Under a tin roof

That is endearing

Violent slams

Of raindrops

During a summer storm

Molding loose grains

Of scorching, white sand

Into the shape of

A princess castle

With just

A sun-faded purple pale

And my sister’s

Cupped hands

Running in

For a suffocating hug

After the little league championship

With my number one fan

And a grin so big

That he could see

Every blue Powerade-stained tooth

Gripping a headful

Of tangled hair

In the windy backseat of the Jaguar

Singing 'Come Together'

So loud

The whole neighborhood


And pleads

For me to stop

Cuddling up

In salty, damp

Beach towels

On my mom’s lap

With a soggy

Peanut butter sandwich

The last bite of

Glistening mashed potatoes

Disappearing into a hamper

Of warm, freshly dried laundry

Watching the pastel sky

As the sun goes to sleep

Getting eleven chicken nuggets

When I only ordered ten

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Mallory Kane

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