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The Tale of the Moon's Lover


By Raj’s VocalPublished 2 months ago 1 min read
The Tale of the Moon's Lover
Photo by Dylan Hunter on Unsplash

In the whispers of the night,

I heard a tale quite rare,

Of the moon who fell in love,

With a mortal maiden fair.

He watched her from above,

As she danced beneath his light,

Her laughter like a melody,

In the stillness of the night.

He longed to touch her skin,

To feel her warmth so near,

But he was bound to the sky,

And she, to the earth so dear.

So he sent her dreams of love,

In the form of silver beams,

And she felt his gentle caress,

In the quiet of her dreams.

Though their love was forbidden,

By the fates that be,

They found solace in their hearts,

For all eternity.

And so the moon still shines,

With a soft and tender glow,

A reminder of their love,

In the darkness down below.

nature poetry

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