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The Taker

by Lauren Vieira 2 months ago in love poems / sad poetry

by Lolly Vieira

The Taker
Photo by Thomas Griesbeck on Unsplash

I’ll keep giving and giving

while you take and take

but what will you do

when there’s nothing left of me for you

will you move on to the next one

would you miss me at all

how much regret would you possess

for the things you’ve said and done

you seem to heal me just to bleed me dry again

maybe one day you’ll fall

and ask for a hand up

then you’ll wish you hadn’t taken both my arms

I’ve been consumed bit by bit by you

like prey to a predator

you’re always hungry for more

eaten out of house and home

mind and soul

and you get ready to latch on to the next poor soul

willing to swallow your bullshit

as I stand in the singed rubble you left behind

your gift to me

as you steal and lie and cheat

whether anything is being given or not

I was a moth to your flame

I was on fire

burning, blood-red, hot

while I cry out, “There’s nothing left to take!”

your nails dig through the bare walls of my left atrium

but my tears just make you angry

you shout at me to stop overreacting

but I wonder if you’re mad because you can’t feel anything other than rage

did you ever actually feel sad

or was it all a charade

just quit taking

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Lauren Vieira

I am many things; a mother, a survivor, a creator.

Welcome to my page where I make sense of all the facets of myself.

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Lauren Vieira
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