The Sun

A poem: 6/10/2020

The Sun
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The Sun Part 1:

The hot summer breeze

It speaks to the lonely moon

She awaits the sun

The Sun Part 2:

You arise and you make me see

You make me see how beautiful the world is

You have genuine rays of light

Your light that gives me hope in humanity

You give me strength to wake up

You give me strength to rise from my slumber

When I’m afraid or feel alone in the dark,

your gentle warming hands touch my delicate heart

You give me a warm welcoming hug,

Then wrap your healing arms around me

You provide me reassurance to go back asleep

And as you do, you always promise you’ll return

You leave, but you’re always near and never away

As I see you rest and fall asleep,

I see how beautiful you make my world

June 10, 2020

I remember in my AP English literature class back in high school, they said that in books the moon would represent females; the sun males. It's an interesting approach to writing. How did it come to be that moon would represent feminine traits? Is it because of how pretty the moon shine's with the night stars. Does the moon give motherly vibes for us when we are kept in the darkest of night's; as if she watches over us? It sounds a bit lonely to me. There are moments during the day where both the moon and sun are out. Those are my favorite moments. It's like the sun tries his best to stay as long as he can just so he can be with the moon. Then when the sun goes to sleep after a long day of providing light, the moon does her best to protect everyone and watch over them in the dark.

Sometimes, even though things can get lonely from time-to-time, in relationships, I've learned that things can become "normal" again. When there is hope for tomorrow, there's always a new start to a new day. Whether that day is good or bad depends on you though. The choices you make now will effect the choices you make in the future. I've had ups and downs in relationships, but they all impacted and shaped me to become the person I am today. I think that's the most rewarding thing of all; taking life experiences and finding the bright side to things, because even when the moon is feeling dark sometimes, it wouldn't be shinning without the sun. There will always be more than just one part to a story, so don't give up on life and don't give up on hope; whatever the experience that you are going through that is.

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