The Stranger, The Demon, The Ghost

by Alyson Worrell 12 months ago in sad poetry

Eyes. Claws. Knock knock. Spreading lies.

The Stranger, The Demon, The Ghost


My eyes stay closed,

for so long in fear of the darkness,

The stranger, the demon, the ghost,

their hot breath upon my neck.


The pain won’t let me go,

its two claws have burrowed into my skin,

pushing me to the ground,

knees bruised and bleeding,

pleading to be set free.

Knock knock

The pain never goes away, it follows me everywhere I go. Sometimes it leaves me alone, but soon comes knocking at my door. I do not let it in. Now the pain is banging on my door. I still do not open. The pain bangs louder and harder. I start to sweat in a panic. It continues to bang and scratch at my door. Too exhausted to hold the door shut any longer, I let the pain in once more.

Spreading Lies

Negative words are like dark magic spreading evil lies.

sad poetry
Alyson Worrell
Alyson Worrell
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