The Stranger, the Demon and the Ghost

by Alyson Worrell 12 months ago in sad poetry

My Daughter's Inner Voice. Like Butter. Mason Jar.

The Stranger, the Demon and the Ghost

My daughter's inner voice

When mommy hurts she cannot play with me.

When mommy cries I give her big hugs and rub her back.

Mommy lies on the floor and turns over so I can’t see her crying.

But I want to be near her and tell her she’s going to be okay.

My heart gets sad when mommy can’t move and run with daddy and me.

I’m not sure why she can’t move all of the time.

I hope mommy never gives up on herself and never lets the pain dim her light.

Like Butter

The pain sticks to me like butter

Thick too hard to scrape away.

Scrubbing harder and faster the pain wont rub off.

Mason Jar

The people I’ve lost

I put their names into a mason jar.

Holding too tightly to love that no longer exist.

The jar becomes so full that the names begin to

spew flying away from the mason jar into the night sky

disappearing forever.

sad poetry
Alyson Worrell
Alyson Worrell
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