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The Storm

A moment gone wrong

By Sonyia KaramPublished 4 months ago 3 min read

When I met you

I stood breathless,

at the possibility

Of just a kiss.

The more we talked,

the possibility changed.

Reality has taken hold,

and a kiss has taken its place.

Your hands so soft,

gently caressing my face.

The warmth that surrounds me,

from the strength of your embrace.

Your lips so smooth,

as it brushes across my cheek.

They trail down my neck,

so soft, it makes me weak.

We gently sway,

to the rhythm in our heads.

To the sweet music that played,

as you took me to your bed.

A drumming sound can be heard,

as you start to undo my shirt.

Nervous I became,

as you started to reach for my skirt.

Warm lips and strong arms,

was all that consumed me.

The drumming began to fade.

So, what is it that confuses me?

I am swimming,

in a sea of sensation.

I have no idea where this is going.

I'm lost with no indication.

On my back,

he begins to lay me down.

The nervousness returns,

and my smile turns into a frown.

He lays on top of me,

and the drumming gets louder.

He tries to move my hips,

and the drumming turns into thunder.

Pressure has risen.

Something hard is pressed against me.

His belt buckle becomes undone,

and fear, has taken over me.

Lightening has struck!

And he begins to take notice.

As my body stiffened,

he begins to change his course.

He looks into my eyes,

and smiles so sweetly.

He places his hands in mine,

we turn so he is beneath me.

"What's wrong?" He says,

as he looks into my eyes.

"I don't know if I want this?"

I say, with a heavy sigh.

He squeezes me tight,

to let me know nothing's wrong.

The thunder begins to fade.

But the drumming carries on.

That's when it happened.

A loud crack!

The skies splitting open,

as he returns me to my back.

He has taken control,

his strength, so consuming.

His weight upon my chest,

has shortened my breathing.

His expression has changed

Determination written across his face

Lips formed into a thin line,

his smile has been replaced.

With a force I've never known,

he parts my legs.

"Please don't!" I cry out.

As I begin to beg.

The skies grew dark.

Darker than anything I have ever seen.

As the tempest flared,

my thoughts race, is this all just a dream?

He begins his grind.

As he kisses my neck,

in hopes that it would calm me,

as he becomes more erect.

I fight back,

in the only way I can.

I tighten up my legs,

so that he cant get in.

"Stop!" I say,

with a hand upon his chest.

"Oh come on, I know you like."

He says, as he devours my breast.

The storm rages on,

the flood waters are rising.

He's trying to break through my walls,

through his relentless grinding.

My body tenses,

with every stroke of his member.

I can feel him against my sex.

Is this a feeling of pleasure?

I cry out,

but he confuses my cries.

He thinks I'm enjoying myself,

as tears form in my eyes.

I don't know what to make of myself.

This feeling against my sex.

Pleasure and pain unexplored.

This situation has me vexed.

I know what he's trying to do,

as the storm rages on.

He gets closer to his end.

Using his sheer will and brawn.

Stiff as a board,

my body becomes.

I'm drowning in the waters.

I'm completely undone.

Then just like that, it stops,

his mission is accomplished.

He gets off from atop me,

and heads to take a shower.

Lifeless, I lay there.

The nightmare is over.

A moment I will remember.

That I have never felt so sober.

sad poetry

About the Creator

Sonyia Karam

I like to dabble in short fictional stories, regardless of genre. I also have a passion for poetry.

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