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The storm

You will see who will stay by your side

By Gwendolyn Farris - baldwinPublished 2 years ago 1 min read
The storm
Photo by back slash on Unsplash

The storm is coming strong, the storm won’t stay too long.

Even when you think it won’t end that’s when you will see it begin.

The clouds will slowly start clearing and you will start seeing.

The storm will make you believe that a new path is being received.

The storm will make or break you, you choose which one to believe.

The storm will also reveal who will stay and who will go, don’t let that stop you from the new goals because your in control.

As the storm slowly passes you can now see, just how big your package is going to be.

The family you have with you is still by your side.

The storm hasn’t destroyed the passion that you have inside.

Soon the storm will fade and you won’t be afraid, because you know now that any storm won’t take that away.


About the Creator

Gwendolyn Farris - baldwin

I am a mother of 4 children , I enjoy writing poems in my spare time. My goal is to become an author and have all of my poetry published in a book.

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