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The Start of a Story

In homage to that special moment which marked the beginning of a life story...

By J. R. LowePublished 2 years ago 1 min read
The Start of a Story
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I've always struggled starting stories.

It's a pained experience of endless possibilities

With no perfect choice.

But yet, this impossible task

Became effortless in an instant,

As my ears hummed to the song that was your voice.

For in that moment when our eyes locked,

When the dimples in your cheeks emerged,

And your smile was drawn across your face like art,

I knew that I had found it – it was the perfect start.


Up until that very moment,

I'd had my reasons to never fall,

So I had no idea how it would feel,

To look upon someone so fondly and smile

For no reason at all.


And with that, we wrote a million pages together,

And will write a billion more,

We’ll cherish every sentence:

The taste of our first kiss,

And the moments when we laugh until we're sore.


Even in our hardships,

When our eyes lock once more,

And your smile blooms,

I know we'll make it through,

Because there’s nothing we wouldn’t do,

In pursuit of our 'ever after',

"Come on," you beckon to me, "Let's write another chapter."


It's the kind of tale I could read forever,

That belongs not on a dusty bookshelf, but rather,

In the wrinkled hands of its protagonists.

As we grow old together,

We’ll flip through the pages and reminisce,

That moment our eyes locked from across the room,

And the taste of our first kiss.

And I’ll think to myself so fondly,

As you say that you adore me,

There’s no one else in this whole world,

With whom I could write this story.

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J. R. Lowe

By day, I'm a PhD student, by night.... I'm still a PhD student, but sometimes I procrastinate by writing on Vocal. Based in Brisbane, Australia.

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