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The Stalker pt 1

by MaxwellJBanks 11 months ago in social commentary

A Poem

The Stalker pt 1
Photo by Damir Spanic on Unsplash

When I turn right, he turns right

When I turn left, he corresponds

I turn to look behind me

And he is lurking in the shadows

I ignore the signs and carry on my way

As I approach a dark alley,

I am stopped.

Someone to help me on my way.

After all, I am but a helpless woman

Who cannot take care of herself

Who needs a man to battle the daily strife

Who cannot go on down this alley

Without the help of a random stranger

Unsure of where to turn

He turns his hand at that which he sees as helpless

His misogynistic outlook has tainted his perception of reality

She can take care of herself

He lends his hand when he can

Blind to the devastation caused by his hand,

She accepts, although little in need.

He has seen her before

Noticed her movements

Taken a mental note of her mannerisms

All to comprehend an understanding so deluded

That not one other person could foresee the downfall.

He made a mistake.

She took him for all he was worth

The worthless piece of human

Finally came to be adapted

To his new life

Incarcerated. Her, free.

social commentary


I am but a struggling poet with much to say, and an outlet that will make your day.

Enjoy Vocal!

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