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The Spirit

by Tecoria Savage 7 days ago in inspirational

" Heal from Within"

The Spirit
Photo by 卡晨 on Unsplash

Let's talk happy,

Let's talk free spirit,

Let's talk peace and love.

There is hope in a happy place.

It might be time you take a look at it.

You can't find it in a brochure or a book,

But you can find deep down within.

First healing your heart, and telling you were you belong,

then healing your soul and coughing out all of what the devil is trying to hold on too.

It's time you get up and find who you are as person.

You will be lifted,

by the spirit,

not by might,

not by power, but spirit.

Tecoria Savage
Tecoria Savage
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Tecoria Savage

Poetry is for the soul, speak the words of wisdom and love. My words are loving for Justice for the world and my community. To settle arguments for families that are in need. Respecting the ones that can’t and settling for the truth.

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