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The Spectrum of Mom.

by Thorn Everbloom 6 months ago in nature poetry



Green skinned plantains turning yellow in a black cast iron pot;

Shared red blood flowing through our green veins.

Synchronized heart beats as we walk,

To one of our favorite places

The lush green public gardens.

Sitting on the brown ground,

Underneath the pink peony bushes.

In the surreal jet black night, when a nightmare visits;

Your footsteps blaze an orange path to my bed,

Your words, a blue hot fire banishing any potential harm.

Your voice a soft grey, soothing paintbrush, a canvas for my dreams.

You smell of blackness too.

Warm, black vanilla beans infused in bourbon.


Writing in the blush pink of early evening.

One hand on her ubiquitous black pen

The other grasping my hand.

The same hand that holds mine,

When we climb mountains

Until the whole world is alpenglow.

nature poetry

Thorn Everbloom

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Thorn Everbloom
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