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The Sound of the wind

by Leonie about a month ago in nature poetry
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It about looking at everything with open eyes

The Sound of the wind
Photo by Jonatan Lewczuk on Unsplash

The Wind carries many things.

But will you see them?

The Wind has many forms.

But will you notice?

The Wind holds wisdom.

But will you listen to her?

The Wind which can be gentle breeze or blow a gale.

But will you welcome her, as she is?

The Wind carries the song of nature and her screams.

But will you understand her?

The whisper of the Wind the touches your heart and so much more then you can understand.

But will you hold on to her and learn?

The Wind, she can feel just you and me.

But will you listen to what she has to say?

The Wind carries storms and sound of thunder as a warning.

But will you listen? Do you care?

The Wind holds the scent of rain or the scent of flower and honey.

But will you open your heart to all of her?

The gales she blows.

Her scream of pain and sorrows.

The secrets she whispers in your ear.

She carries the scent of storms which are brewing

The gentle breeze.

Her soft embrace of warmth and love.

The songs she sings of happiness and love.

She carries the fresh scent roses and beauty.

But will you notice… listen… see… feel…

Will you open not just your heart but your eyes and mind, to let her into your soul.

By Leonie S

nature poetry

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Excellent work. Looking forward to reading more!

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  • Angelina F. Thomasabout a month ago

    Amazing work. Thank you.

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