The Something and the Happen

by Violet P. Davies 12 months ago in sad poetry

It sounds like a band. It's not a band.

The Something and the Happen

I am sitting useless

The world is waiting

And I am an island apart

I am sitting useless

Silent and still

Listless, shifting hands

And inside, I am screaming

I am screaming


I am screaming

For something to happen

It is me

I am the something

I am the happen

I have the power

Just me

And I am sitting useless

It’s hard work

To stay useless

But I work on it

I am not waiting

I am staying useless

Staying in my island

Loathing it,

Its safety, its white walls

They’re not padded.


I can feel them

There are toys

But they don’t last

For they have no happen




Something could happen

But when I’m there,

It’s a to-from, A-B,

Go back and hide

And I am crying

And I am screaming

And I am sitting

Useless, silent, still,

Avoiding eye contact with something,

Choking on happen,

Screaming and swallowing and busying my hands.

The world moves.

How nice.

sad poetry
Violet P. Davies
Violet P. Davies
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