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The Solitary Tree

A Poem about the Grace and Strength of Nature

By S ShyamPublished 2 months ago 1 min read
The Solitary Tree
Photo by Johann Siemens on Unsplash

Beneath the starry sky so bright,

Where the moon casts its silver light,

A tree stands alone, in quiet grace,

Its branches reaching out to space.

Its leaves rustle in the gentle breeze,

A symphony of nature's ease,

A haven for the creatures small,

A shelter for them one and all.

The tree has stood for countless years,

Through joy and sorrow, hopes and fears,

A witness to the passing of time,

A constant in the world's design.

And as the seasons come and go,

The tree stands strong, with roots that know,

The secrets of the earth and sky,

And the beauty that forever lies.

So let us take a moment now,

To appreciate the tree somehow,

For in its branches we can find,

A reflection of the peace of mind.

nature poetry

About the Creator

S Shyam

I am Creative writer who possess the magic in weaving words and making a new world out of it.

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