The Snake and the Rat

When we face our shadows, we become reborn through our own self-sacrifice, embracing the greatness of humanity, its duplicity, and the seemingly endless cycles of our lives.

The Snake and the Rat

How do I define this curious mind?

Body and soul remain intertwined

I’m living, yet I’m barely alive

With all odds against me,

I fight for my right to breathe

while I creep towards the edge

of insanity

What is the meaning of a dream

without any perspective?

If you can’t see past the lines,

then the page means nothing

If you remove your disguise,

maybe then you may see

what lies in-between-

The triangle of life is more

than it seems

A simple shape can be so intricate

Three ends come to a point,

and yet there’s much more than that

A solid surface to ground us,

and two sides of a story

with three different faces

In the silence, there is a

fine-tuned ringing,

distinguished by these same 3 points

to which the archer’s bow will sing

As it stretches out before you,

an arrow lands right at your feet

But still, you miss the point

and the patterns, they continue

A knock in the distance causes you

to wake up from your dream

Open up the door to find

the answers that you seek

They say it isn’t over until

the fat lady sings,

and yet she stands there silently,

naked and serene, nothing

more than a generic scene

plastered in your head

But what does it all mean?

If the question lies inside your mind,

does the answer lie within your dreams?

Or is it all around us,

in the world as we perceive it?

A snake slithers in the grass,

searching for a rat to eat

but there is no food to feed it,

so he moves onto the nearest

thing he sees,

devouring the flesh of your

poor, helpless feet

With an arrow lain there next to you,

still, all you do is scream

You bite your tongue and pray

to the clouds above your head

while it eats away at your legs

Still, you wait and bleed

You wish to escape this awful fate,

but now you cannot run

You stood there as it ate your legs

and nothing can be done

So, you sit and stare off into space,

just hoping the snake won’t return

You call upon your angels,

and you call upon your God,

but no savior comes without the truth,

and this soon, you will learn

Redemption comes with sacrifice,

one which you must make for yourself,

lest the soil below you crumbles

and the little you have left

falls victim to the serpent once again

Watch the flowers bloom around your tomb,

creating your epiphany

Announcing the arrival of your

slowly-churned victory

The wrath inside you will subside,

and soon you’ll see what’s in-between

the lines of a very strange triangle

Look down at the caterpillar

lurching at your feet

and watch as she transforms

If you wish to grow your wings and fly,

you too must be reborn

Through darkness, you will reach the light

In sickness, you’ll find death

Draw the line between the two, and

you might just reach success

A new life, defined by your own mind

True peace from deep within

In-between the darkest times,

you’ll find metamorphosis

Dispose of all your emptiness,

False idols and false comforts

Then, you’ll see you’re truly blessed

Relinquish that which brings distress

In shame, there is no solace

The sickness you’ve created

will bind you until death

unless you starve the serpent

and create a new life path

Manifest the God inside,

Free your mind of this sick design

and the universe will do the rest

Grab hold of what’s inside that’s died

and pull it out before it festers

Reclaim the power deep inside

Hold true to that which gives you life

amongst these dying souls

Your purpose is to prosper,

so just let it be and watch it grow

Unleash the tides below which have

been held back by your broken soul

Just live within each moment

as if you’ll never grow old

I know that you feel lost right now

Your conscience is wearing thin

You’re searching for a place to live,

but you forgot how to live

with yourself

Forgive and you’ll forget the pain

Just live within your higher place,

and soon you’ll find that nothing

can prevent you from succeeding

Your wings will grow

and the triangle

will show you all you’ve needed

Change your ways and mend your

thoughts to manifest the best in you

The demons that you’ve let inside

will run in fear

Just make it clear

they cannot hide, nor can they run

as long as you can face them

Don’t fear the things you cannot see,

just breathe in deep and let it be

Keep going until you’ve got nothing

and then you’ll have whatever you need

Let go of the past

Break away from your habits

Kill all the negativity

and the truth will set you free

Amy Sanginario
Amy Sanginario
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Amy Sanginario

Aspiring writer, illustrator, and psychic with an affinity for poetry and horror. Many of my poems are done through automatic writing- A natural connection to the Divine Source of wisdom. Read with an open mind for best results 🔮✨

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