The Sky Is Talking

The sky has spoken.

The Sky Is Talking

Clouds above water below

Shifts in color and occurrences of rainbows

Sometimes gray, always blue.

Don’t tune it out it’s good for you

The sky is talking

Can’t you hear it?!

The sky is talking no need to fear it.

See it, love it, embrace.

For this could be the last time

It touches your face.

Believe it when it tells you about its limits

Virtuous as they come

Clear as the wind

Wide as the imagination

Vastness unprecedented

Awe inspiring

Taking for granted

The sky is talking huh?

What did you say?

Ready for another busy day?

Just pray it’s not gray

The sky has spoken

Did it just speak to you or us all?

If it’s speaking are we listening

Why not?

Always there expected to exist forever and be ignored.

The sky is talking?

Oblige and speak back

You could learn a thing or two

The sky has spoken

nature poetry
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