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The Shell (Lost at Sea)

by Brandy Stewart 22 days ago in heartbreak

I was looking into my own eyes

The Shell (Lost at Sea)
Photo by noel o'shaughnessy on Unsplash

A simple gesture

You handed me a shell you found

Far from any body of water

It was out of place

My judgment began to blur

I quivered with my muscles astir

This empty little home from the ground

With no occupant around

I kept the shell, like pirate treasure

Wondering what this gift did infer

But there was only a smile on my face

I listened to the ocean

With the shell to my ear, I heard

Us, out at sea, our adventure began

The ship did not seem to float; it flies

Across the water, my eyes did always scan

You at my side, a face so genuine

Something shrilled out like a dying bird

“Help!” was the only recognizable word

We rushed to the sound, as fast as the boat can

To someone drowning; I reached out a hand

I was looking into my own eyes

I never listen to the shell anymore

It is now back where it belongs

Because now at sea, the rain will pour

But now everything is upside-down

And I sometimes leave the shore

Wondering alone like an unsolved metaphor

The whales fly along, singing sad songs

Melodies trying to right the wrongs

My boat sits in the sky, an unwanted visitor

You struggle to swim in the vast, blue corridor

In the clouds, you drown


Brandy Stewart

The sailors say I'm a fine girl. Graphic designer, illustrator, writer, reader, gamer, dreamer, storyteller. I make things and care about them. My life exists somewhere between painfully logical and lost in an overly complicated daydream.

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Brandy Stewart
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