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The sense

Beauty of senses

By RayyanPublished 4 months ago 1 min read

The taste of honey on my tongue,

Sweet and golden, like the sun.

A burst of flavor, pure delight,

A moment of pure, pure delight.

The scent of roses in the air,

Soft and fragrant, beyond compare.

A gentle breeze, a whispering sigh,

A moment of peace, as time goes by.

The touch of velvet on my skin,

Soft and smooth, like a gentle sin.

A caress, a tender embrace,

A moment of love, in a secret place.

The sound of laughter in my ears,

Joyful and free, like a bird in flight.

A melody, a symphony of life,

A moment of happiness, in the midst of strife.

The sight of beauty all around,

Vibrant and alive, in every sound.

A canvas, a masterpiece divine,

A moment of awe, in this world of mine.

These sensations, so pure and true,

Are gifts of life, for me and you.

Let us cherish them, with all our might,

And savor each moment.

nature poetry

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