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the selfishness of charity

by ZI 14 days ago in inspirational

Are you still a good person for helping people if you get something out of it?

I’ve seen this argument floating around so I wanted to address it

To do so I had to filter through my own recollections

Not just my own but those I’ve been in bed with

In heads with, on desks with and it’s been said to recommend

If you’re going to give money to some organization

Or if moments on the news have left you feeling frustrated

And you want to do something but still feel...appreciated?

When you ponder on what you could do with the matter and want something also to make you feel flattered

Consider concocting a new flavor of batter

This mix is created with sugar and spice, a dusting of selfishness and everything nice

For don’t be afraid to be led to the bright side

You can live with laughter and hopeful kind smiles

Whatever you want to do is worth your while

It’s better to add in the mixins you like

Or else set a breakfast with things that cause strife

If you’re angry while stirring, feeling you deserve better

You’ll forget to feel love - and that’s what makes good batter!

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