The Scene

Hip scenes can be exciting, but be careful how exciting the scene is!

The Scene

I was digging the scene

Crowded flesh

Lost souls

Sadness spent

Nothing was clean

Smoking pipes

With smoke-filled rooms


Happiness jettisoned

People fantasizing

Taking away dignity

Tripping and falling


Spiritually a fog

Grim and darkness

Beautifully placed

Melancholy driven


Crazy train wreck

Missiles colliding

Digging the scene

Right into the ground


Into a hole

Dark and pure

Guided by malice

Sexually climaxing


Everything goes

Spent a long time here

Going to drive

A big car


A big battleram

To bat out of Hell

Leaving but not going far

Lazzo caught me


Rearview mirror

Showing dark promises

Love you

Hate you


That’s who I was

Maybe I can be again

Just maybe dig the scene

Again right into the hole

performance poetry
Bazooka Teaches
Bazooka Teaches
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