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The Saunterlings

inspired by the rain and the green out my window...

By Ward NorcuttPublished 12 months ago 3 min read
The Saunterlings
Photo by Denley Photography on Unsplash

Once upon a memory

and twice beyond a dream.

Three times behind a feathery

tickle of a garden stream.


Once upon a midnight day

and twice a fairy’s smile,

Three times I heard them knock and say,

“Come play with us awhile.”


“We are the Saunter twins, we are

we dilly-dally daily.

My brother here, he plays guitar.

I play the ukulele.”


“Wonder is my given name.

My friends all call me Sally.”

“And Marvel I, my first to claim,

But you can call me Jally.”


“And where we go, we’ll take you, too.

I’ll Silly-Sally saunter!”

“And into the beyonder blue

I’ll Jilly-Jally jaunter!”


“We are the bestest friends around.

We do so hope you’ll come

to our world of sight and sound

where magic things are from!”


“We live outside, beyond the veil

of things you touch and tap;

you’ll never see us put on sale,

or find us on your lap.”


“Oh no! Because there’s so much more

for you to feel and to explore -

a living dream is what’s in store!

Out there, with us, wonders galore!”


I sat there with my game on pause

and kind of contemplated;

I was never one to rush because

I oft procrastinated.


But I admit they made a case

I hitherto debated.

After a while, I had to face

that I was twitterpated.


I turned my head and looked outside.

Rain was falling from the sky.

Now, usually, I’d stay and hide

indoors, but something caught my eye.


The Saunterlings had hold of me;

they took me by surprise!

Wonder filled my mind with glee

and Marvel swelled my eyes!


It was then a shiver ran

right up my back and neck,

like a tiny little Peter Pan

no larger than a speck!


It zigzagged to and fro back there,

its tingly, silent cheer

goosebumped away my lassez-faire

all over, ear to ear!


I was hooked and out I went.

My mother was agog

by this singularly rare event!

She said, though, “Take the dog!”


“That’s right! We have a dog!” I thought.

I looked down and there she was!

I used to play with her a lot

for fun and just because.


I grabbed the leash and out we went.

She wagged and chuffed at me.

My Annie dog, from heaven sent

when I was only three!


Wonder winked at Jally, as we

sauntered down the lane.

Coyfully, she said to me,

“Look up and feel the rain.”


You might not believe this:

water fell down from the sky!

From up above, this great abyss,

a seeming limitless supply!


It fed the flowers and the trees.

It landed on my face.

It danced upon the swirling breeze!

It filled up all the space!


“A miracle!” the twins both said.

I nodded and agreed.

The blindfold on my eyes was shed;

once captive, I’d been freed!


I hadn’t seen the world this way

since I was prob’ly five!

That’s when I, myself, I heard me say,

“Everything’s alive!”


“You remember?” “Yes, I do!”

I said. “It’s like I have been sleeping,

then I woke up to find you

and the secret you were keeping!”


They smirked and said, “You’ve always known.

This is only the foundation.

Prepare to have your mind re-blown

there is no limitation!”


“You mean?” “Oh, yes! We think you know

our cousin – a relation.

You’ve met before, please say hello

to your Imagination!”

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About the Creator

Ward Norcutt

Playwright and poet.

My goal as a writer is to write thoughtful pieces of prose, poetry and stage plays. Hopefully, the end results are entertaining and engaging, with layers of meaning that make sense to the whole or a theme therein.

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Comments (12)

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  • Ashley Lima12 months ago

    Beautiful work!

  • Brenton F12 months ago

    Very well done!

  • Ash Taylor12 months ago

    Your poems always have this magical hold over me when I read them, fantastic work as usual!

  • Babs Iverson12 months ago

    Super, superb, spectacular and sensational!!! Loving it!!!💖💖💕

  • Gina C.12 months ago

    Great rhymes and loved the ending. This was a fun journey! 🤗

  • Caroline Jane12 months ago

    Oh, that was gloriously nostalgic. What a sensory (re)awakening!

  • Holly Pheni12 months ago

    Fantastic and such a fairy-dream! You have a real talent.

  • Beautiful work 😊💯❤️‼️

  • L.C. Schäfer12 months ago

    Masterfully done! I love "saunterlings", and the excellent words just kept on coming from there. One two left right gut punch! And it rhymes, it rhymes, I love it, I love it, I love it.... K.O.! 😁

  • Loryne Andawey12 months ago

    Hurrah!!! This is absolutely brilliant! Thank you for bringing back our childhood wonder in this form 🙏

  • Oh my god, this is magical perfection

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