The Safety of Trust

An Acrostic Poem

The Safety of Trust

The Safety of Trust

And now I feel the pulse of a new universe beckoning me to tear down my walls and let you in. You

are so far, yet very close in my heart and soul. Distance is not an issue, for a loving bond makes for a

stable bridge. I love that to you loyalty, mutual love, respect and complete transparency are corner-

stones of a relationship. Surely because you’ve sought someone to share this amazing life with did you

permit me to open my heart to you. You have allowed me to foster a deep spiritual connection with

you as the vehicle for a bond we can both cherish. And so a safe rapport is what we seek, being much

more of a traditionalist in love and commitment. We grow in an environment of genuine love, which

makes it all okay in due time. I have waited long enough to find beauty in you, and I will hold you in

my heart so that you could feel my presence in support of you. To explore wonder, I trust you indeed.

Copyright © 2017, Joseph Civitella.

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