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The robin

I hop in the snow

By Lucie AidartPublished 2 years ago 1 min read

TW: grief/death

The robin

Shadows and light,

you are here and you disappear.

I dance my pain,

I cry my joy.

In a trance, I float,

In zero-gravity, I swim.

Upstream, in the flow.

No paradox. Oneness of opposites.

Emotions in the present tense, coincident.

Interlacing, merging.

I'm cold, I'm boiling.

I shiver, I howl.

My knee is caving. My skin is itching.

My period is everlasting.

A cold whispering ills of the past.

My body remembers.

My soul feels.

My mind forgets.

I'm 34 today, happier and more alive than ever.

And 7 years ago, you left.

You are the robin visiting me in all seasons.

And to your song, I hop in the snow.

sad poetry

About the Creator

Lucie Aidart

French and English writer and screenwriter, I let words flow through me, stories unravel and creative intuition lead me.

Sci-Fi, supernatural, political, spiritual, magical realism, travel, poetry, channeled writing, stream of consciousness.

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