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The Road

by Shayde 3 months ago in social commentary
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The False Dream of Society

We all travel on a road

One way, straight

Where does it go?

No one knows

Unsure if anyone has reached the common destination,

We walk nonetheless

Many have to get ahead

They push the slow out of their way

Steal others’ bikes,



All to get ahead and travel faster

Some have given up on the road, content to sit beside it

Watch as others pass

Others sit to prey on those who pass

Steal from them, murder and rape for fun

They concern themselves not with the destination

We hear of those who travel quickly

who have made it the farthest

We idolize them, wish to be like them

Wish against our circumstances

Few are content

Many strive to pass others

to reach the Unknowable Goal

the Unreachable End

Family means little

Friends are made and lost

Some walk together, most walk alone

Some band together for speed or comfort

before breaking apart

The road is everything

Nothing else, No one else, Matters

And no one stops

To ask



social commentary

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