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The reasons I love a dog

by Paige Krause 2 years ago in love poems
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A dog poem

Molly and Harper May

There’s a reason I own a dog

And why you should too

It’s for companionship and a love for you

They never lie about love

They understand you more than anyone

They see the best and worst in people and they never let that bother them.

They don’t care if your rich or poor

Popular or not

They see the good in people even if they aren’t

They love the jobs they are given

No matter what you say

They stay by your side every single day.

Even if they are old and leave

They never really go away

They stay In your heart

If you have a heart breed that you love with all your heart

Help them become a better companion for all.

Dogs love serving a purpose even as a pet

A trick or two is fun and a job or sport is great

There’s a reason I own a dog

And there’s a reason you should too

The love and companionship is wonderful

Dogs teach more than you’d ever learn in school

You learn more about each other each and everyday

Dogs are wonderful, kind, caring and loving

If you own one hug it tight and thank them because they mean the world.

They make the world a better place for us and make it all worthwhile

If we were more like dogs the world would be better.

I hope one day we can be more like them.

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About the author

Paige Krause

Hi, I'm Paige and I love to read and write. I love music and dogs. I mostly will write about my favorite things like dogs and music. I've been a writer for a few years now and I love it so much. :)

I hope you enjoy my writings.

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