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The Realization

by N. Thomas about a year ago in heartbreak
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November 2019

The Realization
Photo by Crawford Jolly on Unsplash

I fell so hard and convinced myself that you were "the one,"

so it's hard to be just your friend

I'm torn between backing off and letting go

or going balls to the wall and fighting to the bitter end

One minute I'm singing Xscape "Arms of the One Who Loves You,"

the next I'm on some Jennifer Holliday

But I want you to get a fresh start and be happy

without me complicating or getting in the way

I've got to keep a shred of my dignity, bow out gracefully

and admit to myself that you never have been and never will be mine

I can't will love into existence when it isn't there,

and there's a difference between being patient and wasting my time


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N. Thomas

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