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The Real Frog Prince

How it should have been told

By Kris GriffithPublished 2 years ago Updated 2 years ago 4 min read
The Real Frog Prince
Photo by Ashton Mullins on Unsplash

A palace stood in a fairytale land

Along a beach with Snow White-Sand

Inside the king was filled with pride

See, his son had just chosen a bride


Upon meeting her, the king was in awe

She was perfect, not one single flaw

So eloquent and beautiful, happy and true

“I’m so pleased my son has chosen you!”


“I’ll make a good husband,” the prince told the girl

“Besides that I’m rich so let’s give it a whirl.”

He was Prince Charming so she fell for his charm

She even said “yes” while holding his arm


“I’ll hold you forever and never forsake”

She never thought this could be a mistake

Picturing a life with him only held glee

She would even give him his own family


Their innocence lost right after they wed

When the prince took another to bed

That maiden had loved him with all of her might

I’m sure that you know this sparked quite a fight!


The princess decided that they should part ways

“The Prince will regret this, the rest of his days!”

She went to the witch who lived in the town

The old woman asked, “Well, what’s with the frown?”


“I caught the Prince with another in bed

I thought you’d know I want him dead!”

The witch looked up with kind loving eyes

And smiling said “I deal with these guys.”


“Do you still love him?” the witch asked the girl

“If you do, a much better plan I’ll unfurl.”

“Yes” sobbed the princess, “that’s why it hurts so.”

Just then a magical wind started to blow


The witch told her of this marvelous plan

“Your Prince Charming is no longer a man!

He’s now a frog in water so blue

And there he’ll stay ‘til he learns to be true!”


The girl went to stay with her family

When she said “I left him” they thought “finally!

We could tell he was a pig from the start

Look how he jaded our young girl’s heart!


No longer carefree with spirit so bold

And she walks this world as though under a load

She weeps all day for her innocence stole

I wish we could get her out of this hole


Let’s buy her a ball, with that she can play

Maybe then she’ll quit moping all day!”

She took the ball and played in the sun

To her parents delight she had some fun


But, one day she threw it up too high

And her eyes were blinded by the sun in the sky

The ball rolled into some water so blue

And a frog jumped out and said “I can help you!”


“Offer me friendship, that’s all I will ask

For filling my part of this task

I will dive right down to retrieve your joy

And return to you your precious toy.”


The princess agreed as he swam down below

“How can I befriend this?” she asked but didn’t know

The frog returned and placed the ball at her feet

But was this the man whom she had seen cheat?


She ran back home with the ball in her hand

All the while cursing that spot of land

The frog that had helped her, that pitiful thing

Could he be the one that gave her this ring?


She sat down to eat dinner that night

She was trying to forger she’d seen Mr. Right

She rushed to answer the door that was knocked

There was the frog, but his entrance she blocked


She tried to pretend he wasn’t out there

Then told her family about the frog on their stair

Her father asked, “Did this frog help you?”

”Yes” she said, “and I know what to do.”


Back to the door, she let the frog inside

All the while knowing she was its bride

She brought it to the table so it could eat

But, she won’t eat off the same plate as this cheat!


He wanted to stay and sleep in her bed

“I can’t believe what you just said,

You won’t lay in my bed you son-of-a-bitch!

Don’t make me go back to that powerful witch!”


But, when she was sleeping he crawled in with her

He was almost there when she started to stir

She caught him trying to get under the covers

“I’ve told you we’re no longer lovers!”


She threw the frog against the wall

Her arm now strong from throwing her ball

The frog hit the ground with a tear in his eye

And swore to never again tell a lie


He was restored back to the man he once was

When he promised to change all the things he does

She took him back in her loving embrace

Because tears now streamed down his face


Returning to their palace they call their home

He’d promised never again for his lust to roam

Knowing next time she’ll leave him a smear

He’d started to see her as his only true fear!

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About the Creator

Kris Griffith

I have been away from creative writing for many years. I am trying to rediscover who I am through my writings. Come join in the journey!

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