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The Queen of Manifesting

A Poem

By Elise Published 4 years ago 1 min read

Built to be the queen,

an invincible force,

she manifests with ease,

magic in every thought.

All that she knew

is no longer what she imagined,

lifted, never to return

each negative pattern.

The beliefs of her past

have shifted now,

using the universe 

to ignite her power.

She's unstoppable,

extraordinary in every way.

A queen of manifesting,

all the doubts fall away.

There's magic intertwined 

all through her being.

Part of a reality

that goes unseen.

She opens her arms wide

welcoming anyone in

for she knows the power inside

each and every being.

The queen of manifesting

bestows her blessing,

accept your gift 

and begin manifesting.

This is dedicated to the queen of manifesting, DJ Love Light


About the Creator


I love all things tarot, art, and writing!

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    Elise Written by Elise

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