The "Pro Life" Argument

A haiku suite - 10 haikus on the pro life argument

The "Pro Life" Argument

Had sex, condom broke

Child is now a mother.

What choice does she have?

All life is sacred,

Especially in the womb -

Good luck once you’re out.

All men are equal,

But some are more than others.

(This excludes women)

Bean-sized embryo

Is more important than her -

A living woman.

Woman forced to keep.

Constantly reminds her

Rapist got off free.

Carry the baby

Even if it kills you too,

Because God said so.

Nine long months later

The baby is born deformed

White house looks away

My body, my choice?

As a man, I understand.

(Though, I can’t give birth.)

Where does life begin?

Pro life says, “at conception”

Neither brains have formed

Baby murderer!

Works three jobs to feed her kids

Keeping them alive

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