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The Power of Perspective

This a quick poem about personal power and perspective.

By Audra SpanglerPublished 8 months ago 1 min read
Photo by Author ©audraspangler

My days are monotonous,

If I let them be.

I feel misunderstood and alone,

If I do not communicate.

My days are full of stress and disappointment,

If I choose to contemplate the things beyond my control.

I feel unchallenged and bored,

If I do not seek adventure.

I feel powerless and weak,

If I do not create.

Image created via NightCafe ©audraspangler

Now, read again, from bottom to top.

Remember that you have the power of perspective!

Stay strong!

You got this!


About the Creator

Audra Spangler

Writer, snowboarder, gamer, adventurer. AS warrior and Spoonie.

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