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The Poems of You & I

by LJ Chaplin 3 years ago in love poems
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Poetry For Lovers

Photography by LJ Chaplin


Photo by Jongsun Lee on Unsplash

You are the Sun,

And I, the Moon

Two worlds that never collide,

Barely brushing shoulders,

Yet still we share a common purpose,

To illuminate the world at our feet,

And when time is kind we reconnect,

Casting shadows so that we may unite,

Even if for a single moment.


Photo by NOAA on Unsplash

It was at the bottom of the ocean where I found you.

A magnificent shipwreck,

Mangled and broken but inside held riches that Poseidon could never hide.


Photo by Dương Hữu on Unsplash

I want to be the one

Who leaves seashells

On your shore,

The canvas that holds your art

Whenever you draw,

The pillow that holds

Your head at night,

The poetry you adore

And love to recite,

The air you breathe

And fills your lungs,

The nostalgia and joy

From when you were young.


Photo by Diya Pokharel on Unsplash

You hold my hand

Like the string of a balloon,

My head is somewhere

In those clouds but still,

You understand.

You give me the helium

To ascend,

To wander aimlessly through

Universes of collected memories

But keep me tethered

So I don't transcend.

And when I struggle

To escalate,

Carry on walking with me,So I can see the world

In all of its glory,

Until I can peacefully deflate.


Photography by LJ Chaplin (me)

She holds you with

Porcelain hands,

Try not to break her,

She has been through so much.

She could crack and crumble,

Leaving her broken heart

In pieces on the floor.

Be sure to love her,

To guide and to protect her,

And place her on a pedestal.

Let it be known that she is


Celebrate this porcelain perfection,

For she is timeless and a rarity to behold.


Photo by Tom Barrett on Unsplash

There is storm in your eyes

And I cannot look away.

The clouds roll over the horizon

Of your lashes,

And carefully I watch as your gaze

Falls over me like rain.

It saturates me,

Flooding my pores,

Deep beneath flesh and bone,

Soaking me until finally

I am forced to bare my soul

And hang it out to dry.

love poems

About the author

LJ Chaplin

26, poet/writer, UK

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