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The Pinnacles of Our Generation

How they treat us

By KuroHoshiPublished 2 years ago 1 min read
The Pinnacles of Our Generation
Photo by Gabriel on Unsplash

9 to 5 with low wages

Earth decaying

We see wars and shootings everyday when we were young

We were promised clean energy

Cars hovering, lights brighter with colors when we celebrate

Instead it locked within the chains of papers and metal

Even with the highest degree, I wont be enough

Only the very top of the crop make it and even they suffer

The Genius burn like stars and drown themselves out of the spot

Only to tell the next one "It's not worth it"

The Artists starve while sell their art for free for likes and comments

The Dashers are out of gas yet still run to get a quick buck

Content is pouring with a little bit of everything

Everyone is crowding around to see what happens to the humans

Media is collecting coins and sharing the pennies

The world is turning slowly with a small breeze

because there is only machines making connections

Money is in stocks and NFTs burning up like the sun

It's no longer in the streets near the car washes

Air and water is soon to be on sale once the last tree falls

Creation is priced and youth are canon fodder


What will happen to the people when the paper and metal is gone?

How many hearts have to fall for a solution?

Who would care?

sad poetry

About the Creator


A Poet, An Artist, and the person who tries to become a living star

I write the about the creatures from underneath my mind

Some are happy, others are truthful, but I'll let you decide what's their fate

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Comments (1)

  • Camille Ora-Nicole2 years ago

    This piece is so beautiful, and poignant, and so true to how we're living now - which is depressing, but it is how it is. Thank you for sharing!

KuroHoshiWritten by KuroHoshi

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