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The Pillar of Strength

A Poem about the Majestic Mountain

By Bernad SiagianPublished 8 months ago 1 min read
Image Source by: Tobias Keller

Above the clouds, so high and proud,

A sight so rare, a wonder aloud.

The Majestic Mountain, with peaks so grand,

A symbol of strength, in every land.

Its rock so solid, its ice so bright,

A challenge to conquer, a test of might.

Its beauty unchanging, its majesty rare,

A sight to behold, a treasure to share.

It stands so tall, with head held high,

Its majesty spreading, against the sky.

A symbol of power, a symbol of grace,

A rare gem, with beauty and space.

So when you stand, at its base so wide,

Take in its wonder, its beauty inside.

For in this world, so full of strife,

The Majestic Mountain, brings new life.

nature poetry

About the Creator

Bernad Siagian

I am a graphic designer and administrator in an agriculture-related office. Also, I'm pretty good at making or editing videos. I am currently studying data science in programming.

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