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The Pigeon Flew Away

by M.G. Maderazo 2 months ago in love poems · updated about a month ago

a poem of regret

The Pigeon Flew Away
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The pigeon flew away.

I think it was yesterday.

She left a white feather,

A sign of her love surrender.

I took the feather in my hand.

My tears fell, I couldn’t stand. 


The pigeon flew away.

Perhaps because, to her dismay.

I didn’t make her feel special.

A feeling she was always in denial.

I pressed her feather to my chest,

As though it heard my heart’s request.


The pigeon flew away.

I lost my love; it went astray.

I felt regret I let her go,

I failed to know; I loved her so.

I shook my head; it was a goodbye.

I even thought I was about to die.​


The pigeon flew away.

I wished she’d go back and stay.

My heart called her name.

I thought she must have played a game.

I waited for her at the window.

Until my heart bled, became hollow.


The pigeon flew away.

I prayed to God she’d return someday.

But it’s been years since I was alone.

I think it’s time to build a headstone.

I wish heaven will open its doorway,

Because my love, my pigeon flew away.

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