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The Path Ahead

by Sofia Duarte about a year ago in performance poetry · updated about a year ago
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You are your past, present and future decisions.

The Path Ahead
Photo by Lukas K on Unsplash

One first deep breath so stood!

My little harms were flying in the air!

Soon I’ve felt the warmth of my mother’s,

I’ve felt cleared away of her despair,

Her warmth and calmness were so good!


Soon a voice echoed!

I could only smile,

My father was bringing me closer

And my happiness I could not hide!


Soon my steps started,

Words were flooding my eyes!

Days and years went thorough

And I could not deny:

I was almost grown though

My mind was still growing by

All the treasures that life could gather…

Soon my worries were growing,

As my parents were getting old.

Years were running

And I could not get them on hold!

Today time goes by

And one step at a time I go.

To my parents, I don’t ever want to say goodbye!

And my last visit was ages ago…

The path ahead frightens me,

More years had gone through…

Beloved were lost, new beloved ones were found.

I don’t know where I want to go!

Time goes by, life goes on.

If I don’t follow my path,

Where Am I going to go?

Time went, the time comes.

If I could stop the clock,

I would get it all started.

Is this the right path?

Is this destiny?

I am that step that I take.

No one could make this life as I make.

Step after step, I walk away

From all the past and problems,

I will solve them each day!

Stay strong, body and mind,

I am trying to be kind!

Let’s step ahead,

This road is the only one to walk,

Let’s think less, little head!

Life has just begun,

The end is near, the road is long.

Let’s check the following path,

Shall we?

I hope you liked this poem. You can check more poetry or stories on my profile or in the table below.

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