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The Pain of Loss

A Poem of Grief and Heartache

By FingPublished 2 months ago 1 min read
The Pain of Loss
Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

The world around me fades to grey
As I grapple with the pain
Of losing someone that I loved
And never will see again

The memories we shared together
Now haunt me through the night
But the pain is just too tight

The laughter that we shared is gone
Replaced by an empty space
The silence echoes in my heart
As I try to find my place

The days go by and I try to move on
But the pain just won't subside
And hold you by my side

The tears fall down like raindrops
As I try to come to terms
With the fact that you are gone
And will never return

The world keeps spinning round and round
But I'm standing still in time
Lost in my memories of you
And the love that once was mine

The pain of loss is like a weight
That I carry every day
A burden that I cannot shake
No matter how hard I pray

So I'll hold onto the memories
Of the times that we shared together
And hope that someday the pain will fade
And I can heal from this forever

To the love that we once knew
And pray that someday I'll find the strength
To move on and start anew.

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