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The Outlet

by Linda Sharp 2 months ago in social commentary / surreal poetry / slam poetry / sad poetry / performance poetry / fact or fiction / excerpts
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An existential poem

The Outlet
Photo by Greg Rosenke on Unsplash

NOBODY touch the outlet

keep us plugged in

to this simulation we call “life”

keep us safely secured on this running disk

we call a “spinning” planet

there may be a higher power out there

some thing, somewhere

keeping this game going

projecting this illusion we still consider “real”

something created this

somehow we’re all in here

and someone is responsible

please don’t yank the cord

keep us where we are

I’m afraid to know

what happens when the machine goes dead?

we don’t need all our questions answered

so you better not touch those cables

I rely on my existence

the ability to say “I’m here”

I take pride in my character

let the game end naturally

stick to the program

follow the code

and keep away from the outlet

I don’t want my life in your hands

social commentarysurreal poetryslam poetrysad poetryperformance poetryfact or fictionexcerpts

About the author

Linda Sharp

Evil prevails only when good men write nothing — so write everything.

Write it all.

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