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The Other Me


By Ashish Kumar MauryaPublished 11 days ago 1 min read
The Other Me
Photo by Khashayar Kouchpeydeh on Unsplash

There's a shadow that follows me,

A figure that I cannot see,

A mirror image, a replica,

A doppelganger that's enigmatic.

It's a presence that I can't ignore,

A specter that's forever more,

A likeness that's beyond belief,

A vision that fills me with disbelief.

Is it a friend or is it foe,

This other me that's always in tow,

A reflection of what could be,

Or a darker side of me?

I try to run, I try to hide,

But this other me is always beside,

A constant reminder of who I am,

A doppelganger that's never a sham.

So let it be, this other me,

A reflection of what could be,

A reminder that I'm not alone,

In this world that's sometimes unknown.

performance poetry

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