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the one left in sorrow

by Pherawaty 4 months ago in inspirational
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a never ending love light

I was trying to drift away

From my own mind and misery

By only laughing and joking

About the sadness burning

Through my entire body

Noticing I was alone

Not being heard

Not being welcomed

Not being recognized

by the ones who claim

that it was only their love

that was meant for me

Little did they know

about the power I have taken

years ago at the beginning

Little did they ask

about the one left behind

before my dark eyes cried

It was only me

who did refuse

to let go of the one

who built me from scratch

who carried me through sorrow

who loved me endlessly

that’s what they call


on levels

we cannot see

~the power of Faye

by pherawaty


About the author


a prose and poetry writer to create a new world of love, light and magic

sharing my most intimate poetry coming from my deepest emotions about heartbreaking experiences combined with messages of hope and love

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